By Steven Hoffenberg

Republican Presidential Candidate/Superman Donald Trump is getting our jobs back by funding all the start-up companies in the entire broken USA right now!

Small companies alone are the core of the true job market, as opposed to the giant corporations who are consistently firing the hard working folks in this broken country. President/Superman Trump is the bona fide jobs expert who is working for the entire United States. He will get all new private funding for the many small start-up new businesses throughout the country immediately!

The presumed Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton never had one employee in the entire span of the Clinton life of corruption. Hillary knows nothing about jobs that were lost with her friend, the President in the White House, who threw away many jobs in this country.

Hillary has no policy in place for jobs!
Hillary has no expertise on jobs!
Hillary has no resources to provide any jobs to the broken USA jobs market! .

President/Superman/Jobs expert Donald Trump can provide jobs right now to the broken American jobs market!

Vote for President/Superman Donald Trump…..the jobs expert!

God Bless America! God Bless President/Superman /Jobs Expert Donald Trump !

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