July 29th – Wall Street Journal – “U.S GDP Grew A Disappointing 1.2% in the Second Quarter”

Frankly, those of us on Main Street didn’t really need the Wall Street Journal to tell us what we already know. We are in an economic free-fall.

Taking action at this most critical time could not be more important for our Nation…

The Obama years have devastated our economy and the middle-class. You already know that, of course. Millions are out of work or have given up finding work… or are stuck with one or more part-time jobs just to make ends meet.


There is no doubt about it now. This IS Obama and Crooked Hillary’s economy! 
The choice is now clear…

Our PAC is dedicated to electing Donald Trump, so that we can return to full and real employment. We understand that a healthy and growing economy is the foundation of a healthy and secure Nation. 

Donald Trump is the “jobs” President and he WILL deliver a strong and revitalized economy for ALL Americans.

With the ever-present threat of more terrorhere and abroad and with political correctness out of control, this is your opportunity to let the establishment of BOTH parties know that we need a return to common senseand that we are tired of being “transformed” into an America we barely recognize. Main Street and the middle-class are being crushed. The elites are not only dismissive of that reality they also don’t believe you are for real. This is the place and time to show them otherwise.

Enough is enough… and you don’t need to be a Wall Street big shot to make a difference.

Join us here to donate as little as 99 Cents… or more if you wish as we work to get out the vote in November!

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